5 habits harmful for beauty from which you need to get rid of up to 30 years

Approach the appearance of wrinkles and start aging process of the whole body can not only bad habits and low-activity lifestyle. In this article we collected 5 basic bad habits, from which it is worth to get rid of up to 30 years, to stay young and beautiful longer.

Biting to death stress, boredom and anxiety with sweet or other delicious but not always useful gastronomic dishes. This negative habit of up to 30 years can not affect in any way the harmony of the figure and your beauty. After 30 years, metabolism decreases, which contributes to the accumulation of weight, and getting rid of excess calories and kilograms becomes heavier. To correct a bad mood and remove stress will help variety of breathing exercises, yoga and other self-control methods. Sweet and baked can be replaced with dried fruits or nuts.

Diets for rapid weight loss. Full refusal to eat, sharp reduction in portions, as well as mono-diets lead to metabolic disorder. This primarily affects health and elasticity of the skin. After 30 years, body is more difficult to be recovered from stressful weight loss and often it leads to irreversible abnormalities on part of the gastrointestinal tract, hormonal failure and vice versa prompt set of body weight. Therefore, it is important to teach yourself to eat right while you’re young. It is important to fill your diet with useful vegetables and fruits, food rich in vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, etc.

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Work on wear and tear. Up to 30 years body has an excellent safety margin, but having crossed this line, health increasingly begins to remind oneself. First of all, all shortages, stresses and midnight meetings will affect condition of the skin, hair and nails. In addition, prolonged work at the computer leads to appearance of deep wrinkles on neck in the area of border with the chin. To delay it appearance will help an 8-hour full-fledged night’s sleep and habit of daily facial massage.

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Inactive way of life. Especially if you are in office for most of the working day. Active way of life is guarantee of health of your organism, which means freshness and beauty of your skin and hair.

Bad and harmful habits. Until 30 years, nutritionists and cosmetologists recommend completely to give up smoking, and minimize drinking of alcoholic beverages. These bad habits increase risk of developing serious diseases that speed up the aging process.

The earlier you start to lead a healthy, and most importantly, conscious way of life,
the longer you retain your youth and beauty. Be happy and beautiful!

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