6 unexpected benefits of laughter

A good, strong sense of humour can change almost any situation around. A good giggle happens to be free of charge, and a bonus is that it’s an in-built capacity, so no special equipment is required! Read about laughter benefits below.

1. It stops stress and anxiety
In today’s non-stop modern world, stress hormones run crazy. Naturally, reducing your stress hormones sends anxiety and stress a running, lessening their impact on your body. So even though you had a fight with your significant other, and burned the bake sale cookies, your coworker’s sudden yet ultra on-point joke quickly altered your chemistry and made you feel better by sending you into an explosive giggle fit.

2. It’s part of your daily fitness plan
Laughter can help you tone your abs. When you laugh, your stomach muscles expand and contract, similar to what happens when you sweat through a set of crunches. Laughing also raises your heart rate and you’ll burn anywhere from 10-40 calories over 15 minutes of laughter.

3. It’s good for your heart
Laughter is great cardio, particularly for people incapable of withstanding other physical activity due to injury or illness. When you get your heart pumping you burn a similar amount of calories per hour as walking at a slow or moderate pace.

4. It’ll grant you immunity
When you laugh, you activate T-cells in your body designed to help you ward off illness. While chronic stress and anxiety cause chemical reactions in your body that can send your immunity plummeting, a nice laugh supercharges you with disease-fighting courage, helping you stay healthy and energized.

5. It’s a natural painkiller
Endorphins are your body’s natural painkiller hormones, and when we laugh, we release them, which can help ease chronic pain and increase overall wellbeing.

6. It facilitates bonding
Doing something that will evoke a laugh is an epic way to take the edge off, relieve your nerves, and increase your possibility of bonding.

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