Ampoule cosmetics: features and rules of usage

In the XXI century, jars and tubes with rejuvenating and moisturizing creams inferior to them to the new innovative cosmetics in ampoules. These are concentrates of a narrow spectrum of action which are issued in the form of ampoules (it is important not to be confused with injections). What features have these beauty innovations and how to properly use ampoule cosmetics we will tell in this article.

Properties of funds from ampoules

The main feature of such cosmetic care products is a large concentration of biologically active medicinal components that help to cope with:

– age changes of varying degrees;
– pigment spots;
– couperose;
– inflammations, acne and post-acne;
– swelling and dryness;
– increased fat content, etc.

In its composition, there are no harmful preservatives, parabens or silicone. It is rich in vitamins, extracts of medicinal herbs, biologically active ingredients and essential oils. Thanks to its natural composition, ampoule cosmetics is suitable for all skin types, the main thing is to correctly identify the cause of the problem and choose a remedy. In some cases, it is better to do it together with a dermatologist or a cosmetologist. It is important to use a properly chosen product.

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Rules for applying ampoule cosmetics

Ampoule cosmetics have the optimum composition, and its quantity in 1 hermetic package is designed for one-time use. To use them is better with courses. After the first application, long lasting effect is noticeable. Experts recommend applying such funds at night. Adding ampoule cosmetics to creams, tonics and lotions increase their effectiveness. These unique cosmetic products are important to apply to the pre-cleansed face and neck skin. It is worth following the following rules for their use:
1. Makeup removal. To do this, you can use your usual skin wash, milk or hydrophilic oil.
2. Deep cleansing of the face. You can use scrubs or peeling to maximize the cleaning of pores
from dust, sebum and other contaminants.
3. Face cleansing, moisturizing, anti-aging, etc mask before applying ampoule cosmetics is able
to increase the effect.
4. The ampoule is opened immediately before use.
5. It is desirable to quickly apply the product to the face skin, avoiding eye area, as it is usually
absorbed quickly enough.
6. Distribute the product over the skin better by patting movements on the facial massage lines.
7. Unused product can be stored in an opened ampoule in a refrigerator for 2-3 days.

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Cosmetologists recommend to buy ampoule cosmetics in pharmacies and to check the expiry
date of funds.

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