Beauty requires: 5 beauty things to be done in February

Winter has many drawbacks: bad weather, frequent colds, heating bills, but there is also a significant plus – the ability to carry out a lot of cosmetic procedures. Beautsi has prepared for you a list of must-do, which must be completed in February so you could meet the spring fully armed.

1. Laser hair removal 

If you have always dreamed about having smooth legs, now is the time to carry out the plans. Long clothes cover the limbs from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation so you can not be afraid of the pigmentation appearance. However, facial hair removal requires usage of creams with an SPF filter of at least 20 for three weeks of hair removal.

2. Moisturizing treatments 

Heating devices dry the air and this leads to dehydration of the skin. Therefore, face care during the winter season suggests a more active use of moisturizers. A popular technique is OxyJet, in which, under the influence of oxygen, it is possible to “water” the deep layers of the skin. Home care should also be aimed at active skin hydration: 1–2 times a week you should apply masks, and use serums with hyaluronic acid, peptides and oligopeptides at night.

3. Treatments for nourishing the skin 

Due to the lack of nutrition, the dermis loses its turgor and elasticity. As a result, the skin on the face becomes dull, peeling and microcracks appear. To avoid this it is worthwhile to do plasma lifting (introduction of the patient’s autoplasma). It stimulates the functioning of fibroblasts that produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Another popular injection technique is biorevitalization. It involves the introduction under the skin of hyaluronic acid, which deeply nourishes the dermis. Specialist relies on the patient’s wishes and decides what type of cosmetology is the best.

4. Whitening skin 

When the weather is cold and cloudy, the skin regenerates faster after cosmetic procedures. Make an appointment for acid whitening, after seeing the weather forecast: on sunny days there is a risk to get the opposite effect after this procedure. In this case, to get rid of age spots on the face will be much harder.

5. Phlebosclerosis

This is a procedure that allows you to get rid of varicose veins by injecting medical drugs into the vein – sclerosants. After the injection, you will need to wear elastic bandages for some time, so the procedure is best done in the winter.

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