Cosmeceutical: fashion trend or care for the beauty and health

Cosmetics – a set of tools and procedures, the purpose of which is to create and maintain the beauty and eliminate cosmetic defects.
Pharmacy is a scientific discipline dedicated to the research, creation, production and storage of medications.
Cosmeceutical preparations – medical cosmetics. The first products of cosmeceutical were called “beauty pills”. They appeared in France in the 80s, quickly gaining recognition and popularity. About what is hidden under the term today and what cosmeceutical is needed for, we will talk in this article.

What is medical cosmetics, its types, advantages and disadvantages

Today, this term means something between cosmetology and pharmacy. Active ingredients in cosmeceutical are contained in the maximum permissible norm for cosmetic products, but their concentration is insufficient to belong to medicinal products. Increased saturation of the active ingredients of such drugs is provided for their use only after consultation with doctor or cosmetologist.

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Therapeutic cosmetics is divided into two areas:
– anti-aging drugs;
– anti-cellulite products;
– cosmetics to improve the condition of nails and hair;
– products for safe sunburn.

Advantages and disadvantages of cosmeceutical

Like any cosmetic product, these products have their pros and cons. Among the advantages:
– therapeutic effect – components of drugs, penetrating into cells, nourish and restore them, that is, it gives not only a visual effect but also eliminates the problem from the inside;
– high concentration of active ingredients – high content of active ingredients implies the use of the product in small quantities;
– efficiency – when used correctly, the result is visible almost immediately;
– hypoallergenic – using in strict accordance with the instructions and recommendations of a specialist there is no risk of an allergic reaction.

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Disadvantages of medical cosmetics:
– a complete absence of natural preparations – all products contain synthetic components;
– little known – cosmeceutical use is necessary only after consulting a specialist, but not all cosmetologists are fully familiar with the preparations;
-“young age” products are new and not tested by time;
-high price.

Leaders among cosmeceutical

You can find therapeutic cosmetics in pharmacies or purchase through official distributors on the Internet. The most popular brands are:


– TETe Cosmeceutical;

– Caudalie;

– Meditopic;

– Avene;

– Uriage;

– Keenwell;

– BioDerma;

– La Roche-Posay.

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