Darling, please, calm down: taking care of sensitive skin

   Your skin is dry, does not tolerate the change of cosmetics, reacts negatively to the sun and cold and sometimes becomes red and peeling for no particular reason? Most likely you are the owner of sensitive skin. However, do not panic and get upset. Modern beauty experts offer a lot of care programs and simple tips for soothing sensitive face and body skin.


Main rules

  1. No stress and strain. Sensitive skin reacts negatively to any mood swings, stressful situations and nervous tension. Therefore, it is important to be able to relax, switch to a positive and fully relax. Stress for this type of skin can be prolonged contact with sunlight, frequent changes of cosmetic skincare and makeup products or simply contact with chlorinated tap water. If possible, these factors should be kept to a minimum.
  2. Purification from the inside. The enemy of the skin is the intoxication of the body, so it is important that the digestive tract works like a clock. Good eating habits (a diet rich with vegetables, healthy carbohydrates and fats) will remove toxins from the body, increase immunity and, as a result, improve skin condition.

  3. Purification outside. Scrubs, soaps, peels, alcohol lotions, tonics and even tap water are taboo for sensitive skin. For daily washing, it is better to use non-carbonated mineral water, and for residual street dust and emissions, cosmetics, and especially evening makeup remove is better to use special micellar water or milk.

  4. Moisturizing and nutrition. Facial and body care should include hypoallergenic creams, rich in antioxidants, made on the basis of hyaluronic or linolenic acid. To relieve burning and stinging, it is important to have aloe vera gel with you. As a night cream, suitable products are which include regenerating and soothing substances to relieve inflammation, healing and restoration of the skin.

  5. Protection. Owners of delicate skin should remember that day cream must necessarily include an SPF filter, even in winter. In addition, you can not often touch the face with your hands, especially on the street, because they are deposited with bacteria and viruses.

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