Delicate thing: taking care of the skin of the neck

   It is not a secret that a woman’s age is expressed by transverse wrinkles and flabby neck skin. Naturally, thin skin usually suffers from nutritional deficiencies and is ageing prematurely. Beauty experts recommend starting to care for the neckline and neck from the age of 25 and suggest combining beauty treatments and products with special gymnastics.


 Main care rules

1. Purification and nutrition. Up to thirty years old cosmetologists advise caring for your neck, using facial creams according to skin type in the morning and evening. Periodically after cleansing and application of tonic (it is better to use alcohol-free cosmetics), it is worth applying a moisturizing serum or cream. After 30-35 years, it is better to use products with anti-ageing ingredients or special products for this zone. Why do we need anti-ageing cosmetics for skin care everyone knows, but for some reason, we forget about neck care. Vitamin C and retinol products are very useful for the skin of this area. 

2. Contrast packs are well proven in taking care of the neck. They are useful at any age and especially after 40 years. Compresses perfectly tone and moisturize the skin. To carry them out, it is enough to take clean gauze and two containers with hot and cold water (it is possible with ice cubes). Alternately you need to apply them for a couple of minutes then gauze dipped in cold water, then dipped in hot water. Sea salt, lemon juice, chamomile decoction, etc. are often added to the water. After applying the compress, the skin should be moistened with a cream. If you do not want to mess with gauze, you can use a contrast shower.

3. Masks. Cosmetology at home will help to prolong the youth of the skin of the neck. For the preparation of anti-ageing masks are suitable fatty dairy products (sour cream or cottage cheese), olive oil, yolk, lemon juice, cucumber and other products that moisturize the skin and improve its nutrition.

4. Posture and a small pillow. External factors such as nighttime sleep on the high whipped pillow and stoop negatively affect the condition of the skin of the neck. Cosmetology will be powerless if you like to read books in bed, lying on a huge and soft pillow. For sleep, it is better to choose a pillow with an anatomical shape of small size and daily control of your posture.

5. Gymnastics. The famous Brigitte Bardot called to watch the stars more often. Cosmetologists also recommend performing simple exercises regularly. It is enough to take a pencil in your mouth and write a few words in the air; 20 times pull the chin forward and return it to the opposite position.

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