Do not carry out at home: TOP-5 procedures that should only be done by a cosmetologist

Every woman who has attended cosmetologist knows that the services of a qualification specialist are way expensive. But as they say, the beauty of the face is half the dowry. In order to save the “dowry” in good condition, we, women, are sometimes ready for desperate acts, for example, carrying out cosmetic procedures at home. What kind of salon procedures cannot, in any case, be carried out individually at home and why?

  1. Skin whitening. Girls who dream about getting rid of freckles and pigment spots know that boric acid and hydrogen peroxide help to eliminating these disadvantages. But do you imagine what can be done with this infernal mix? Instead of a royal white shade of your face, you risk getting chemical burns. Tired of freckles and pigmentation? Get an appointment in the salon or if this price is too high for your budget, take a look at bleaching foam and gels by professional cosmetic brands that you can use at home.
  2. Chemical and acid peels. The name speaks of the dangers of the procedure. In addition, this method of skin renewal is not suitable for everyone. Therefore, before deciding to carry out this procedure, it is necessary to consult with a professional. What should be expected if you decide to carry out chemical peeling by yourself at home? At the very least there is a risk of burns, as a maximum – swelling of facial tissues, hyperpigmentation, acne, and even scarring.
  3. Mechanical face cleaning. We are talking about acne and methods to fight them. We have written many times that you shouldn’t squeeze the acne with the hands and we are now emphasizing this. Firstly, there is a risk of infection and in the morning you will not recognize yourself in the mirror. Secondly, your skin will not become purer, because the pores will remain as expanded, and the traces of mechanical cleaning will be noticed. In case if you are not ready to visit the beauty salon, use point-action drying products. Choose cosmetics focused on the problematic skin for daily usage.
  4. Sugaring. This procedure requires a detailed study of the algorithm and a great deal of experience. In another case, you must be prepared for the side effects: burns, skin injuries, infections, ingrown hairs. If you do not want to spend money in the beauty salon, pay attention to wax strips and electric epilators. These are safe hair loss methods that you can try by your own home.
  5. Beauty injections. Our blog readers are clever girls and women and we are sure that they will not conduct an experiment on themselves. Even experienced cosmetologists ask for help colleagues in case of the need for injectable techniques. In addition to the unpredictable visual outcome, there is a risk of infection, allergic provocation (up to Angioedema) and injury.


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Take care of your beauty and health!

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