Gas-liquid peeling: an innovative approach to skin care

Gas-liquid facial peeling – a modern hardware technique for deep cleansing of pores and exfoliating the skin. As a result, the face becomes younger and tighter. The procedure is indicated for the treatment of rashes and their consequences, puffiness, pore dilatation, seboregulation, and also as an element of complex anti-aging therapy.

What is the procedure

Gas-liquid peeling is a cosmetological procedure in which there is a mechanical and thermal effect on the skin.

This method has become a real revolution in the field of cosmetology since it is a non-surgical way of skin rejuvenation. The device that is produced in Israel allows you to perform a superficial massage, tighten skin and control depth of the effect (important for scars and wounds).

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Though a special tip under pressure dissipates the gas mixture (oxygen + carbon dioxide) at a speed of 200-300 meters per second, that is, almost supersonic. Together with the gas, saline solution or a vitamin cocktail. Its microdroplets serve as an abrasive for exfoliation and simultaneously nourish the cells of the dermis. Due to this, dead skin particles are gently removed, and the deeper layers are enriched with oxygen and moistened.

What result is worth waiting for

The main advantage of gas-liquid peeling is the ability to combine the action of different cosmetic procedures.

1. Intensive skin cleansing (exfoliating effect and removal of comedos). The skin is smoothed, renewed and better absorbed by nutrients.
2. Massage. Due to the ability to penetrate into the deep layers of the dermis, it improves the flow of lymph and blood circulation, eliminates bruises and swelling.
3. Skin tightening. Due to the stimulation of skin renewal, reduction of wrinkles is noticeable after the first session.
4. Removal of scars. Useful substances heal scars from the inside, and from the outside skin is smoothed, the scars become less pronounced.
5. An alternative to biorevitalization. The procedure helps to saturate skin with hyaluronic acid without injections.

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A pleasant bonus is that the procedure can be used not only for the face but also for any other part of the body.

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