How to look expensive without spending a fortune

Girls and women often tend to look like a favorite Hollywood star and, in pursuit of the ideal, spend all their salaries on a bag or skirt, and sometimes even take loans in a bank to buy branded things. However, many well-known stylists and designers claim that it is possible to look expensive without millions of dollars. In their view, it is enough to be confident, dress neat and stylish to look expensive and luxurious enough. In this article we have collected some recommendations for ladies, how not to spend a fortune on clothes, shoes and accessories and create a luxurious image.

1. Well-groomed appearance

Woman who wants to look expensive can not afford chips on her nails or greasy hair. Beautiful styling, impeccable make-up and healthy skin attract looks of others as often as a branded bag or clothes.

2. The perfect state of things

With clothes on which stains, puffs, crochets and other defects appeared, no matter how expensive it may be, it is necessary to say goodbye without regret. Blouses and sweaters, skirts and trousers look sloppy and cheap if they have defects, unlike a clean and impeccably pressed shirt bought at a sale.

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3. Stylish wardrobe

You can look expensive without spending money on things from the podium or pages of fashion magazines. It is important to know your color type, as well as the type of figure, its advantages and disadvantages, and proceeding from this, choose clothes and accessories. Create your own individual and unique style can be with familiarity with such concepts as the base and capsule wardrobe. These are harmonious and well thought-out sets of things, combined with each other, will help to look expensive and flawless in any situation.

4. Things by Size

All clothes from your wardrobe should sit on a figure. Sweatshirts with long sleeves, dresses of larger size look sloppy, even if they cost a fortune. They deform figure and damage your ideal look. If you could not resist and bought a thing of larger size, take it to atelier to fit the figure.

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5. Mono-color

The use of white, red or deep black clothing in wardrobe will make look charming and mysterious. At the same time, stylists recommend choosing less practical colors: bright yellow, turquoise, etc. A trouser suit or a dress with a jacket of one color palette combined with shoes in tone creates fashionable total look that looks elegant.

6. Self-confidence

This, perhaps, is the main rule, because if you are not sure of yourself, you can hardly bear yourself adequately. Wise Erich Maria Remarque about a hundred years ago said: “What you wear looks cheap only if you wear it without a sense of self-confidence.” Notice, not a word about money.

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