How to make perfect eyebrows by yourself at home

Well-groomed, beautiful eyebrows complete look of a woman and make her makeup more expressive. Correctly selected bend, width and length of eyebrows will help even to correct the shape of the face. The ideal shape of the eyebrows should be combined with your cut of the eyes, and skin colour. Eyebrows should look natural, have symmetrical proportions and sufficiently clear contours. How to independently make your eyebrows impeccable by just standing in front of the mirror we’ll tell in this article.

1. At the very beginning of eyebrow adjustments, it is important to correctly determine their beginning, end and find the maximum bending point. To do this, you will need a regular ruler (stick, pencil) and a mirror (can be enlarged). To determine the origin of the eyebrow, it is necessary to attach a ruler vertically to your nose. The place where it intersects with the eyebrow is its beginning. The end is determined by attaching wand to the bottom point of the wing of the nose and outer edge of the eye. The intersection point is its end. The place of maximum bending is more difficult to be determined, but usually, it corresponds to the point of intersection of the eyebrow with a visually held flat line from the bottom of the nose through the apple of the eye.

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2. To choose the shape of the eyebrow is better when based on the type of your face. Round shape practically without a fracture is great for a square type of face, as it smoothes out its sharp angles. However, it does not fit chubby girls. Eyebrows, similar to house roof, are suitable for a square and round face but do not triangular. Girls with this face form fit eyebrows-arch, that is, a smoothed triangle. In the oval face, the eyebrows should be in the form of a straight, even line. At the same time, it must be round at first, and sharp at the end.

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3. The ideal thickness of the eyebrow does not depend on fashion trends. It is better to choose the one that is given to you by nature.

4. You can pluck your eyebrows only if there is a bright light, comfortable pair of tweezers with slightly tapered ends. The face skin should be cleaned of makeup. Hands are well washed, and tweezers are disinfected. Pull out better to start from the bottom row.

5. The colour of the eyebrows should be different from the natural maximum at 1 tone. To correct it, you can use dark shadows or a special gel of the desired shade.

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