Lymphatic drainage massage: a classic in the fight against excess weight

If you need to quickly lose a few pounds, for example, to lose weight before an important event, go through a course of lymphatic drainage massage. In the middle of the last century, doctor Pascal Kosh developed this type of massage to combat postoperative oedema. The method turned out to be so effective that over time it became used by cosmetologists for solving aesthetic problems of the figure.

The essence of the method, types and principle of operation

Lymphatic drainage is an effective method of enhancing the natural outflow of lymph in the human body. Lymph is a biological fluid that removes waste substances from the tissues that are not needed in the human body. When the interstitial fluid accumulates, puffiness and cellulite are formed.

Lymphatic drainage massage can be of several types:

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1. Manual. As the name implies, it is performed by the hands of an expert. It starts with the stimulation of the superficial lymphatic system with a subsequent increase in the depth of exposure. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to use special oils and lotions.
2. Hardware. It is carried out by means of a vacuum nozzle on a specialized apparatus. The effect is achieved due to the impact of low-frequency current pulses, ultrasound and negative pressure.
3. Pressotherapy. Modern procedure in which on a person a special suit is put in which air is forced. When all the compartments of the suit are filled with air, the soft tissues are compressed, which contributes to the activation of blood circulation and lymph flow.
4. Microcurrent lymphatic drainage. This is a gentle method, the effect of which is achieved through low-frequency electrical pulses.
5. Endermology is the most effective method of stimulating the outflow of lymph by means of apparatus vacuum massage. It helps to speed up the processes of skin regeneration, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin fibres.

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Impact areas

Excess fluid can accumulate in different parts of the body, but most often human legs and face are affected. Lymphatic drainage will eliminate swelling, redness, flaccidity of the skin, improves complexion. It is also effective for acne, facial wrinkles, bags under the eyes. On the body, the technique is used to reduce the volume of the body in the abdomen, legs and arms, as well as in complex anti-cellulite programs.

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