RF-lifting: skin tightening without surgery

Nowadays, there are many rejuvenating techniques. The leaders are those who are not only the most effective, but also painless and give quick result.

RF (radiofrequency) or thermal lifting is a painless cosmetic procedure for rejuvenating and eliminating aesthetic skin defects by electric current or electric field by heating tissues.

Indications for RF-lifting

This procedure can eliminate many skin problems:
– scars and scars that left after acne;
– mimic and age wrinkles, “crow’s feet”;
– pigment spots;
– stretch marks that appeared after a sharp loss of weight or childbirth;
– sagging and flabbiness of the skin;
– local fat deposition;
– “orange peel”.

The frequency of RF-lifting procedure

Radiofrequency lifting is a cyclic procedure. The effect will be visible even after the first time, but in order, result to be fixed for a long time, it is necessary to complete a full course. A person will need a cycle of 6-10 procedures for the face; for the body – 10-15 procedures. After completion of the main complex, it is recommended to conduct a thermal lift session once in 30-45 days to maintain achieved result. A full repeat course must be completed in a year.

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RF-lifting: advantages and disadvantages

Like any cosmetic rejuvenation procedure, RF-lifting has advantages and disadvantages, having weighed which can be decided “yes” or “no”.

Advantages of thermal lifting:
– procedures do not leave traces (bruises, seams, scars);
– no drugs are injected into the skin;
– painlessness;
– short sessions (15-20 minutes);
– suitable for all skin types;
– smoothes not only the skin but also muscles;
– does not require preliminary preparation for the session;
– there are no age restrictions.

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Disadvantages of thermal lifting:
– there is a risk of pigment spots, burns, swelling appearance;
– during the procedure, radio emission affecting the whole organism;

– there are restrictions after procedures (you can not have a bath, sunbathe, actively play sports)
– after sessions, skin requires very gentle care;
– high enough price of the procedure, especially considering that it is cyclical and requires repetition.

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