Travel-sets: a convenient novelty for travel

Vacation or on a business trip is always connected with the collection of necessary things and cosmetics. Clothing, personal care items and cosmetic bags with a lot of jars, tubes and boxes often do not fit in the bag, especially with souvenirs and gifts for loved ones. To facilitate the process of collecting a suitcase, to make a trip and rest, the practical innovative solution of many cosmetics brands – travel-packing and special mini-sets of the most necessary cosmetics helps to make it pleasant.

Travel-set: convenient and profitable

Like as many cosmetic novelties travel-sets on the European cosmetics market came from Asia. Korean brands have been offering shampoos, creams, lotions and tonics for facial skin care in convenient mini-formats. This approach allows you to forget about the discomfort of searching at home for suitable, reliable jars and transfusions product into it.

Careful manufacturers have estimated that for a short trip, only 10-30 ml of a favourite cream or tonic is enough and they have created a convenient package that allows you to compactly pack several products at once and save more space in a suitcase. There are kits on the cosmetics market that includes:
– shampoos and conditioners;
– shower gel and body lotion;
– creams for facial skin care;
– toothpaste, brush and rinse lotion;
– products for protection from ultraviolet and skin care after a sunburn.

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Cosmetic companies offer ready-made universal travel-sets, which include almost all necessary tools and allow you to make your own set by buying your favourite products, released in mini- packages. Many famous brands as Mustela (France) and Johnsons baby (USA) offer sets of cosmetic products for moms and children.

1. French brand Caudalie offers customers a travel-set of products such as water to remove makeup 30 ml; moisturizing cream sorbent for sensitive skin 15 ml; shower gel 30 ml; nutritious lotion body care 30 ml; soft air-conditioned shampoo 30 ml.

2. American brand CHI offers cosmetics for hair care, which received positive feedback from Hollywood makeup artists and millions of consumers around the world, including mini packs: CHI Royal Treatment Volume Shampoo 30 ml shampoo and conditioner from this series 30 ml.

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3. French brand Vichy offers a set of Vichy Idealia Set, carefully caring, nourishing and restoring the structure of the skin. It includes thermal water, a moisturizing mineral mask, a smoothness and shine cream for normal and combination skin, and tonal fluid for the same skin type.

4. Korean cosmetic company Innisfree offers buyers to purchase many of their cult products in a convenient mini-package. For example, green tea cleanser Green Tea Foam Cleanser Samples, a 3-step program for deep skin cleaning Jeju Volcanic Blackhead 3step Program, which includes three products with a unique ingredient – Jeju volcanite. The manufacturer also offers mini-packs of 20 ml body lotion with olive extract, night masks with green tea extract, as well as a mini set from the “Golden Olive” series: Olive real skin 15 ml, Olive real lotion 15 ml, Olive real power cream 10 ml.

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