Ukrainian beauty: cosmetics of domestic production in Ukraine

The charm and beauty of Ukrainian women are known far beyond in Europe. Save attractiveness and youth effectively helps a variety of cosmetic products of domestic production. In this article, we will talk about the most popular and proven brands “Made in Ukraine”.

Wax and medical cosmetics

Natural, therapeutic cosmetics is the basis for body and hair caring for Ukrainian girls. In this group of products in domestic market, the leading position is taken by “Yaka”, Vigor Cosmetique Naturelle, Elf, Biocon, HerbalSpa, Home doctor, Green Pharmacy, Salon and other brands.

TM “Yaka” offers products both for men and women, created with the use of innovative technologies based on old recipes. The green line of the brand allows you to carefully care about face, hands, feet and hair skin. Products from organic series, enriched with medicinal extracts of herbs such as rosemary, lime, heather, quickly and effectively improve the condition of the skin and hair, help solve a lot of problems. Features of male care are taken into account in a series of cosmetics for men. It is suitable even for sensitive skin intensively nourishing and moisturizing it.

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Vigor Cosmetique Naturelle cosmetics are made from environmentally friendly raw materials. It includes biologically active components, essential oils and extracts of herbs from different corners of our planet. The products are based on oils of goji berries, Taifa roses, macadamia, sea buckthorn, avocado and coconut, as well as cornflower extract, aloe vera juice, black caviar protein. The brand, depending on the type of skin, offers organic remedies that help moisturize it, and also cosmetics has a lifting effect, brightening, nourish skin. Large selection of products with pronounced detox-effect, to combat cellulite, for massage is presented for body care. Organic shampoos and masks, balms and serums will strengthen structure of hair and prevent its loss.

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The “Elf” brand is widely known for both adults and children. Innovations and natural ingredients used to create products for hair, facial skin, hands and feet treatment, can be used even by children and pregnant women. The company offers a wide range of seasonal products, for example, products for sunburn and protection from ultraviolet radiation. The manufacturer has provided packages for travel and economy format.

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