Wedding manicure ideas that will brighten the bride’s look

On the wedding day, everything, even the smallest detail, matters. It concerns both the organisation of the holiday and the creation of the bride’s look. The bride’s manicure is an important part that completes the vision.

To ensure that everything is perfect on one of the most special days of your life, Beautsi prepared a collection of the most successful nail designs, as we think, for the wedding.

Nude manicure 

A laconic nude manicure, made of pale pink, peach, light grey or lilac hue adheres to any wedding dress and always has a neat look.

Shiny stripes

This nail design idea has become one of the most up-to-date in the new season. With such a design, a manicure will be restrained, but at the same time will attract with its mystery.

Matte nails

Ideal variant if you are tired of the shiny coating. Matte manicure looks especially good on short or medium length nails.

White minimalism

To create a bridal total white look, the minimalist white manicure will be the perfect option.


It is best to choose a varnish with small silver shimmer or make an accent on one or two nails.

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