What a beauty! Tattoo Trend that Combines Minimalism with the Best Part of Spring


The searches about tattoos indicate that the most fashionable tattoos of this season are tiny flowers, writes StyleCaster.  

In particular, tattoos depicting roses, lilies, dandelions and other floral motifs, made in black and white and in bright shades are in a trend now. 


My tattoo philosophy is that it’s never a bad time to get one. There are no ink rules, though trends are definitely coming and going. Last year it was all about bold blast-overs and huge hand pokes on top of the ones that seem to have a permanent spot on our Instagram feeds. Those are typically minimal illustrations and black and white fine lines. But if I had to pinpoint the G.O.A.T. of all G.O.A.T. designs, it’s definitely the simple floral tattoo, – writes Nikki Brown.


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We offer you to get inspired by the collection of trendy flower tattoos from Instagram.


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