Why hair doesn’t grow the shoulder blades below?

   You dream of luxurious long hair but it doesn’t grow below a certain length? The reasons for this can be many: from the lack of trace elements in the body to improper care. Beautsi consulted a trichologist and a hairstylist and is ready to tell what to do so that the hair is thick and long.

  1. Low levels of iron in the body. The deficiency of this useful trace element can be determined only after a blood test. If you have a shortage of iron, you should reconsider your diet: add beef, chicken, nuts, beans, spirulina and leafy vegetables. They contain an increased dose of Ferrum.
  2. Chronic lack of sleep. Wrong sleep and an insufficient amount of it affects the state of the organism as a whole: the skin, internal organs, the nervous system suffer. Full sleep normalizes the work of hormones, accelerates cell regeneration, which is directly related to hair growth. Doctors are unanimous that it is necessary to go to bed no later than 11 pm and sleep at least 8 hours.
  3. Hair fragility. It is often caused by dryness of the curls due to prolonged exposure on the sun, frequent drying with a hairdryer, and hair colouring with low-quality and aggressive paints. Also, hair can break if cut with blunt scissors. If you notice split ends, try to actively care for your hair: make masks, wraps. And, of course, it would not be superfluous to normalize the diet: use only natural products, exclude fried and salty food, conservation.
  4. The short life period of hairs. How long your hair will grow depending on their life cycle. The longer it is, the easier it is to grow hair, you just need to be patient. If the cycle is short, the hair dies and has not grown the shoulder blades below. Unfortunately, this is laid down by genetics and in this case, only the build-up will help.
  5. Too frequent haircuts. Have you ever wondered how often you visit a hairstylist? If you cut the split ends at least once a month, you simply do not have a chance to grow long curls. In this case, we recommend using the tips from point number 3 and reduce visits to the hairdresser.


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   If you followed all these tips, but your hair still does not grow to the desired length, you should consult with the trichologist. He will examine the condition of the scalp and tell you how to solve the problem of short hair.

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